Red Bird EP – Outrun the Sunlight


In my search for new music I recently came across what is probably the most amazing instrumental album of the past decade. When looking through my iTunes suggestions for something new and exciting I was met with the latest EP from Chicago progressive metal quartet Outrun the Sunlight, Red Bird. Released on April 21, 2017, it is, in my opinion, by far their best release to date.

The first track is the title track, Red Bird, and it immediately catches you in ethereal waves washing over your senses. It’s beauty unparalleled. It’s tone’s intoxicating in a sense. Leading into the second track, Synergy, you take a dive from soaring above the clouds to walking through the woods at night, fog hanging thick in the air as beams of the moon’s light dances with limbs of the above head trees casting tendrils across the path in front of you. As the song progresses, these dances of shadow start to become more anxious as you make your journey through them, until you’re being chased by an unseen entity. The explosion of shoegazing thrash in the middle of the song lead in to an all familiar syncopation of rhythm seen in progressive metal.

The Danger of Alignment starts us off with the sounds of war drums. The beat causes the heart to race faster until the rest of the band kicks in. Full on head bobbing can’t be stopped. This track just pulls you all the way in. You have lost yourself to the sounds of this album at this moment. There is no turning back. You are in for the rest of this sonic adventure. The song continues full force until you get caught with a sudden meditative, almost Tool inspired break that signals The Danger of Alignment, pt. 2. The buildup leads us into more intricate syncopation of instruments. By this moment in our listening we’ve transcended to a higher plane on musical consciousness that comes to full circle with the final track, Remaining in a Constant State of Discomfort. The final track is anything but a discomfort. This track is heavenly, and left me feeling so at ease with the world around me.

This album has been in such heavy rotation for me since I found it. In music with vocals it’s easy to get your point across with the lyrics. In an instrumental band, it takes such talent to be able to weave a narrative and to make your music emotive, and these guys have done just that. This album is a beautiful example of everything music theory. If you love bands such as Caspian, Explosions in the Sky, and even Animals as Leaders, then you may have a new favorite band.

This album was made for audiophiles… This album was also made for philosophers and daydreamers laying out in the moon’s light trying to see if they can find their destinies in the stars. This album is work of art in its most perfect form.


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